Essaouira's dunes, a great photography location for singles


Darren Lewey has been behind a camera since 1981. A photographer and teacher of 25 years, he graduated with a BA/MSc in photography & film production in 1992/1994 respectively. In the fields of creative portrait & landscape photography, his work has appeared in books, landscape magazines and London salons. His current portfolio of images shows attention to composition and a strong emphasis on craft which he aims to impart to students. Since 2010 Darren has managed to fine-tune many successful itineraries that deliver in-depth photography tours throughout the region.  He has been visiting Morocco since 1991 and is located there gives him great insight into the workings of the country and its people.

Small group sizes

Teaching on the tours is designed from Darren’s background as both a photographer and a qualified teacher. The students’ photographic learning and enjoyment come first. ‘I’ll not be pushing to the front to get the best shot. My mission is to point out the shots you can take.’ Darren knows the terrain well, with a raft of subject-friendly faces presenting opportunities to engage with local people as well as off-the-beaten-path landscape locations. We specialise in small group holidays for up to 6 people and this helps guests feel they’re getting tutor support. Almost without exception, everyone on the tours produces excellent galleries developing their photography in unexpected directions.