Morocco cookery classes on the Atlantic coast of Morocco in the relaxed town of Essaouira is the ideal base for learning the art of Moroccan cuisine and spices. With arrivals and departure from Marrakesh airport, you can select individual workshops or join a 7-day cooking and photography holiday.

Morocco cookery: Indulge your senses with Moroccan flavours and spices

Moroccan cooking is one of the world’s most distinct cuisines with a multitude of subtle spices each tailored for meat, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes.  The conical-shaped Tagine dish is instantly recognisable as a North African icon, the encased aromatic flavours, a combination of fruit, nuts and spices infused with selected meats or vegetables.  With Pastilla, Briouats and couscous also on the menu, alongside a variety of starters, side dishes and Moroccan patisseries, the week’s course complete with spice tours offers a hearty week’s learning.

Morocco cookery classes in Morocco

Choose your week and reserve your place

The photography and cooking week is priced at £1050 and includes 2 cookery classes, a spice tour and a visit to local and country markets as well as your accommodation and airport transfers.  For the full itinerary including the photography during your week, please visit our dedicated Morocco cookery workshops website here.