From 2016 our digital photography holiday will include a layer of extra tuition offering image manipulation tutorials.

A digital photography holiday in Morocco is a feast for the photographer. With all inclusive courses and tours throughout the year, you can develop both your skills and portfolio under the watchful eye of photographer and teacher Darren Lewey. Based in Morocco and with over 300 guests during the past 5 years, Images in the Sun has honed workshops and tours to suit both beginners and more experienced competition entry photographers. We are now launching digital post-production workshops featuring Lightroom as part of your

PhotoShop has traditionally been the Post Production application of choice, however it isn’t particularly intuitive. It’s slowed by the additional RAW conversion step and has a good number of Graphic Arts features of little interest to the Photographer. All this has led to a demand for more photographically based applications such as Lightroom which when compared show Photoshop to be be slow and clunky by comparison. This doesn’t negate the need for Photoshop, which still takes over where the new crop of work-flow applications depart.

Part of the aim of the digital photography holiday here is to understand how to utilise Lightroom into your work-flow and to recognise at which point Photoshop takes over. But perhaps most importantly is learning how to shoot with post production in mind, one of the philosophies we’ll put into action whilst out and about. The two images displayed here show how the camera RAW (as below) requires image editing and you can see the manipulation menu snapshot further below of what involved to get the final

LightroomThe areas of image editing we will cover include the organisation of image files and their subsequent manipulation, which will essentially cover the following aspects:
Exposure – exposure compensation, highlight/shadow recovery
White Balance – temperature & tint
Contrast – black point, levels & curves tools
Framing – straighten & crop
Resizing – enlarge for a print or downsize for mail or web
Lens Correction – distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations
Creative sharpening sharpening.
Selective Enhancements – spot removal,  selective noise reduction.

With Images in the Sun learn the inside tips on photographing people with street photography workshops as well as using composition to maximise the wonderful light at play here. Group sizes are limited to six, with plenty of one-on-one tuition. Accommodation is in comfortable three-star hotels, with all meals (a la carte) included in the base price.