Set a path for your photography, create projects & personalise your work.

online photography courses
online photography courses

Moving forward this year, online photography courses and webinars are likely to play a more important role in our creative development. At home, we can still develop. We can improve our awareness and understanding of our own photography in relation to the work of others, either as part of a group or via looking at professional practitioners.

Another key component of developing your potential is to photograph locally. ‘Backyard projects’ offer the chance to personalise your work and deepen your practice by getting to know a place. Repeat returns produce more nuanced imagery. This will be a core part of the course.

Building a community is also crucial so we can share what we like about photography and also open our eyes to how other people make visual sense of the world around them.  Working in groups means we can learn from each other by sharing the background and thought processes in how specific images are made.

Beginning this spring, my focus is on the creative development and the steps each of us needs to take to build more individual portfolios and to make photographs that we like: to develop your creativity and your own voice. We’ll spend time looking at photographic work, the good and the less so.

As part of this, in the course, we’ll examine the urban, landscape, still life and people photography, and promote the interchange between more than one. Mixing your portfolio while maintaining visual coherence will add a new dimension to your photography.

Using a combination of live online group discussions, one to one sessions, and webinars, both modules for the online photography courses will look at the areas where you feel you need to develop your skills. For module 2, I’ll tailor your one-to-one time to meet your specific requirements.

Each week you will join a live online session as part of a group (max 4) where you’ll be set a project or series of exercises to be completed before the next session.  This could take the form of image critiquing, ideas for projects, and post-processing thoughts. The weekly practical projects are designed to help you think differently and stretch your creativity and imagination. Every second week you’ll also have a 1:1 with me discussing your development.

Outline course content

Module 1 is a refresher of the basics, which you can skip if you’ve been regularly out with your camera, whilst modules 2 & 3 are for those who’d like to push on with their photography which will include 1:1’s on portfolio feedback. The sessions will be live online with MOD 1 running for 2 weeks and MOD 2 running for 4. Each session will last approx. 1.5 hours. Areas to be covered include urban, landscape, still life and people photography.

MODULE 1 – £85

Session 1:  Setting your camera controls, controlling exposure & DOF, producing sharp images, what you should have in your bag and recommended purchases.

Session 2:   Evaluating locations and composing.

Session 3:   Exploring photographic styles and approaches. A look at different photographers in 2 parts.

MODULE 2 – £85

Session 1:  The aim of taking better photos, what does it really mean? Identifying personal ambition. The benefits of projects and how to build them. From ideas and research to shooting, creative momentum and finding meaning, I’ll break down the process of creating a body of work.

Session 2:  Compositions which work for different aspect ratios. Finding form and introducing abstraction.

Session 3:  Evaluating a landscape/urban location, connecting and formalising an approach. A project theme is set.

Session 4:  Technical/creative review of individual project proposals. Honing your project methodology.

Session 5:  Photographing people. Discover the energy that people can bring to your work, the challenges of portraiture and the reasons to push yourself to overcome the fear of photographing strangers.

Session 6:   Group projects review.

Session 7:   Editing techniques. Unlock the editing process. Learn about the power of editing in photography, and how to create meaning through sequencing.

Session 8:   Final image reviews, sequencing and gallery selections.

MODULE 3 – 1:1 – £35 PH

Individual project development, consultation and feedback. This module will offer individual creative development based on developing work completed in module 2. You can also choose this module for any other images you’ve produced. Select also for post-processing tips based on photos you send me.


As part of the module delivery, I’ll be producing webinars. I’m open to requests for specific webinar content so just let me know. A lot of the videos available through social media are hit and miss covering much of the same kinds of material so I’ll be looking to cover more about aesthetics, approaching scenes and how to pre-visualise, among suggestions.


Prior to running courses and tours in Morocco, I was writing degree course programmes in the UK. This required a post-graduate diploma in Education which I passed in 1998. Whilst this course doesn’t have the academic formalities it will bring across some of the depth of photographic learning at an advanced level. Click to view my own current projects. This course has been superseded by a website dedicated to online learning. Please visit Creative Camera’s courses pages.

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