What equipment do I need? Our top photography tips.

Lots of kit in your case is okay, however you may conjointly wish to possess a camera and lens set-up that covers a spread of things and therefore the secret is to possess a quick, responsive camera that permits you to quickly manage several key technical variables: i.e. the holy grail of exposure control – shutter speed, aperture and ISO and of course your histograms.

If you’re a beginner with a DSLR with just one lens and are thinking of buying a second one or thinking of buying any kit before your photography trip, then one of our photography tips is purchasing a 18-270 or similar focal length lens.  Think about whether you want to keep changing lenses.  It depends on how far you want to take your photography as a lens with lots of focal choice is a slight compromise in quality but the ease of functionality can often trump that.

If you are a knowledgeable amateur then you’ve got already honed your kit to incorporate a variety of lenses and extras that may serve you well for any vacation or tour. A lens which gives a focal range of 70mm-200mm+ will be invaluable for both people and landscapes as will a ‘fast’ prime lens at 35mm or more ideally 50mm will get some serious use.

Extras you may well want to add include a loupe for viewing your screen in bright sunny conditions – useful for that immediate review and a diffuser for your flash unit.  Fill in flash can sometimes be a useful addition when photographing people particularly on the tours. Tripods here are rarely used as we like to keep mobile and there’s good available light.  For those that like the considered photographic approach to landscapes or seascapes / dunes then bring a lightweight one with you.

The photo tours particularly offer the opportunity for early evening landscape work. A laptop for the photo tours is a good idea if you want to review your images and have feedback at the end of each day.  You don’t need one for the photography holiday in Essaouira. In terms of image storage, your camera cards will quickly fill up so bring enough storage and pack a few rather than one large one.  2 x 8 gb’s would be the minimum requirement.  Also don’t forget to bring a second camera battery and indeed your charger. It’s perhaps the most useful of our photography tips!