digital photography holiday retreats with photo editing

From 2016 our digital photography holiday will include a layer of extra tuition offering image manipulation tutorials.

A digital photography holiday in Morocco is a feast for the photographer. With all inclusive courses and tours throughout the year, you can develop both your skills and portfolio under the watchful eye of photographer and teacher Darren Lewey. Based in Morocco and with over 300 guests during the past 5 years, Images in the Sun has honed workshops and tours to suit both beginners and more experienced competition entry photographers. We are now launching digital post-production workshops featuring Lightroom as part of your holiday. Continue reading

Yoga Holidays Morocco

Yoga Holidays Morocco –  a countryside location of luxury villas 15 mins from Essaouira.


Choose one of the most relaxing yoga holidays Morocco has to offer and remember a holiday when your phone was out of reach. With small groups (up to six), enjoy a programme of yoga, healthy eating and swimming in a setting close to nature. Deepen your yoga practice and learn about Moroccan cooking with locally sourced seasonal ingredients infused with Moroccan spices. Cleanse your body with swimming and Hammams and generally relax in in luxury accommodation. After a week at this nature based location you’ll feel renewed, refreshed and inspired. Continue reading

Photography Workshops Abroad

Photography workshops abroad for intermediate level photographers

Taking time to get the right shot. Camilla arrived for two days of photography workshops abroad and I was impressed with her approach. She took her time to think through what she wanted from each set-up, no easy thing to do in a busy market. By no means a beginner she had a complete understanding of exposure control and this of course gives the confidence to focus on composition and subject. Her gallery of photos shows a good range of photography covering many different subjects, something we offer here on location in Essaouira. Continue reading

understanding shutter speed aperture ISO

If you’re new to digital photography then understanding shutter speed aperture ISO are the key first steps to better control of your camera.

The following can be absorbed in 10-15 minutes but remembering it is the key. Try to find a way of embeding the information. I recommend you go out and practice the next day and see if you can recall the basics. Understanding shutter speed aperture iso so it becomes intuitive is your aim. Continue reading

10 photography tips for beginners | how to take better travel photos

Photography tips for beginners by Darren Lewey

photography tips for beginners

I don’t have the figures to hand on global travel but it seems travel further afield is increasingly popular and with it the desire to produce good photos to show to friends and family or to satisfy a creative need. Here are my 10 photography tips for beginners on how to take better travel photos and certainly something to be considered ahead of one of the numerous photography tours available.

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