July’s guest photography

July’s galleries are now available to view via clicking on the photo. Jo and Lindsay produced some excellent abstract photos particularly at the non-touristic places.

Our photography holidays hopefully continue to inspire. At all levels there are techniques to learn as well as compositional approaches that come through practice and the benefit of looking at other photographers. Essaouira is the ideal compact place for intensive learning. Plenty of sun, texture, colour and oddities make this a paradise for photographers.


Safety in Essaouira

It must be a concern for any potential guest to whether to travel here for a photo holiday or tour. With wide spread coverage of global attacks, does anywhere feel safe? Media wise, Morocco unfortunately is tarred by it’s association to other Arabic countries and it’s status as a Muslim nation, despite being very distinct. Morocco has always been a pro West nation with strong ties to the US and Europe. It’s geographically as far to the west from the hub of the conflict and as such does not share borders with risky zones. The Moroccan government is extremely well motivated in eradicating home grown support for extremists, one could argue more able to police these than Europe currently is. The Moroccan people are not in the least hostile to foreigners and many expats live here without fear. There are of course some disaffected Moroccans looking to return from the Middle east and because of this, the UK government places the threat level here the same as it is for Western Europe. I would argue there’s more danger in London, Paris or Madrid than Essaouira. That’s not to say the threat doesn’t exist but when one looks at the countries that have had recent issues, they include many south east Asian countries, the US, parts of Eastern and northern Europe and West Africa. This really is a global issue and each country should be viewed with the latest and updated information to hand. Safe to say Essaouira as I write is a safe place to travel as an individual.



digital photography holiday retreats with photo editing

From 2016 our digital photography holiday will include a layer of extra tuition offering image manipulation tutorials.

A digital photography holiday in Morocco is a feast for the photographer. With all inclusive courses and tours throughout the year, you can develop both your skills and portfolio under the watchful eye of photographer and teacher Darren Lewey. Based in Morocco and with over 300 guests during the past 5 years, Images in the Sun has honed workshops and tours to suit both beginners and more experienced competition entry photographers. We are now launching digital post-production workshops featuring Lightroom as part of your holiday. Continue reading