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The winter months in Morocco have given way to the emergence of wild flowers in the countryside and the green shoots of consistant 20+ temperatures. To celebrate spring we’re offering some new Photo Holidays with summer photo workshops in Spain, teaming up with London based photographer and tutor, Rob Irving who will be offering week long courses with the emphasis on post production work with your computers.  You don’t need to be an advanced photographer but just having some basic knowledge of your camera will allow Rob to take you to the next stage of how to think ahead for getting the best out of your computer adjustments. So if you have software and don’t know how to use it properly or are thinking about buying some, then a week in sunny Spain complete with pool as left, during August may be an addition your photographic ambitions.  You can view the workshop information here.

February was a busy month with tours to the desert and photo holidays at our base in Photo-Holidays-Spain-Images-in-the- sunEssaouira. Morris, Ed & Alison joined Naima and myself for the High Atlas Tour. Ed is seen here photographing in the Dades Valley with our local guide and a lady who lives nearby in caves with her family.  Part of what we offer on the tours is the chance to meet and photograph the local people which may not be available with independent travel or with other tour companies.

Back in Essaouira, and an occasional glimpse into the tutor at work, perhaps getting too close for comfort, thanks Peter;-) with guest, Ian at the waterfalls near Essaouira.  Finding angles, compositional balance, controlling histograms all part of the enjoyment of photographing in one location and discovering what feels right.  You can read Ian’s review of his week’s photo holiday in Essaouira.

In other news Ryanair are back into the Moroccan holiday market with flights from both Luton and Stansted to Marrakesh and Agadir…

Me&Ian950boffering especially good value during the periods when the other carriers are hiking prices. Also Ryanair has announced direct flights to Essaouira from both Brussels and Marseille from May this year.  Both Morocco and Spain offer fabulous sunshine hours, culture and photographic delights.  We endeavour to keep our prices competitive whilst offering the best value for money.