Dunes near Essaouira, Morocco

This summer’s photography workshops have sprouted some wonderful photos across a range of genres, on refection it’s remarkable how much photographic variety there is here in Essaouira.  Aside from the souks and the medina architecture with it’s rustic charm, there’s the faded industrial heritage outside the medina as well as the UNESCO port, the beach sports and the landscapes in the countryside of course; quite a mix.  The summer’s final photography devotee, Isabel who left today, made full use of these in a comprehensive week of photography.  She made great efforts to re-conquer the historic port here in Essaouira during the month of Ramadan, when the locals’ desire for daily fish is part of tradition.  Almost everyday she produced one or two new images, returning at different times of day to capture the rhythms and changing light, particularly focusing on the blue boats which are not so easy to photograph, but she succeeded. Then on Tuesday she produced our first gallery of kite surfing shots.  August is the premier month for Kite surfing and we were fortunate that a surfing instructor was playing to the camera and coming so close to shore.  The 70-300mm lens worked a treat.  Then on Wednesday we explored the rural landscapes and the dunes south of Essaouira. In all a fine week of learning (one hopes) and some excellent photos, food and relaxation.  Book now for photography holidays in 2013.  Isabel’s galleries can be seen here.kitesurfing, Essaouira

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