Since the last blog it’s been a busy time with photography courses in Essaouira, alongside cooking weeks and the launch of a new tour off the back of trip to Morocco’s south east…John and Clare Simmons came out and each enjoyed their own activity,  John with a week’s cooking with Naima and Clare with myself and Shimona who’d booked through Goleranto for a week’s photography holiday.  An extremely cool head in the kitchen John breezed through the week’s recipes.

Also in March, Eva, Jane, Emma, James all arrived independently and enjoyed mostly cloud free days.  The rains this year failed to materialise at the crucial time and there was only a splatter in late March, not enough to encourage the wheat.  A photography holiday without rain is a given and we’re very lucky in Essaouira in that the few rainy days we have are confined to mostly overnight showers.  ‘March 5’s’ galleries can be seen here.

Caroline and Lucy,  our first guest from Hong Kong,  took advantage of mid April’s fine weather and produced some memorable galleries of photos.  The waterfalls as Sidi M’bark have seen a better flow of water in the past but nonetheless the local boys and shepherds still took advantage of its natural beauty and grazing potential. Blue skies and an assortment of rich earthy colours typify the geology of this area south of Essaouira.  Gazing at Morocco’s map will tell you that the Atlas mountains start in this region.

May has now arrived and bookings are coming in for October and beyond.  Available dates are published on the Essaouira page so get in touch to reserve your week’s holiday.