Whilst last minute bookings with the two main carriers to Marrakesh:  BA(formerly BMI) and Easyjet, don’t offer much for the budget conscious, there are good deals to be had by booking in advance with prices as low as £170 for return flights after the peak rush, beginning in January and February next year with BA.  BA’s new policy of going head to head with Easyjet over prices seems to be paying dividends based on a significant number of photography holiday attendees here now choosing BA.  Price wise there’s little in it with lunch included on the BA flight.

Ryanair has now curtailed its flights to Marrakesh and indeed most of Morocco with few options out of the UK after a dispute over handling charges this summer.  In other news, Thompson are offering good value flights on a Friday to Marrakesh; details here; whilst this site offers a good overview of Europe wide flights to Marrakesh.

Peak season flight hikes are never appreciated by anybody least of all teachers, so we’ve got some offers on the go for this xmas to soften the blow a little.  See our offers page for dates.