5 Ways To Make Your Holiday Perfect

Maybe Bing Crosby wants a white Christmas, but what with the cold, snow and wind, some of us have a more pleasant destination in time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working on a holiday vacation destination:

Planning Ahead

It’s not too late to start planning a holiday getaway with your family. Checking out last-minute deals, locations that – for whatever reason – are just not as popular this year, or even taking a road trip down south can give you lovely memories of a warm holiday season this year. If you’re willing to travel on the holiday itself and bundle your reservations for a hotel, airfare and even a rental vehicle, you’ll save a bundle!

Booking a cruise with last-minute openings is another fabulous option – The sea air, far away places and the best holiday gift of all – no cooking or cleaning! Find a cruise line to a lovely location and book it.

Did you get too late a start on your planning for that perfect cruise, tour or location for this year’s holiday season? It’s never too early to start planning and making reservations for next year.

Bring a Camera

Have an interest in photography? Make sure to bring a camera to capture all those perfect holiday moments. If you want to get away this holiday season, why not look at a photography tour? You’ll see new, picturesque places, meet a whole range of new people, travel with photographers with skills from novice to professional and get to swap tips with people sharing your interests.

Make it a Surprise-cation!

I won’t lie to you, this one may take a bit of finagling to make it work out, but this will make one fabulous holiday present. Do you have a loved one who has always wanted to take a trip to a particular location? Set it up! You’ll need to do some careful pre-planning, including house and pet care, time off of work and similar considerations. Be sure whoever is helping you with the arrangements knows that it’s a surprise and not to say anything. Be sure to set aside a little extra cash for purchasing necessities once you arrive; it’s easy to forget to pack a few things when you’ve gotten an awesome present like this and are in a rush to pack.

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Want to give back while on a holiday get-away? Why not try a voluntourism trip! Whether traveling to an area that has been hit hard by a natural disaster and supporting their local industries while there, volunteering at an orphanage or to help a village build a more stable infrastructure, there are a huge number of options available to give while getting some time away.

Keep in Touch

Maybe you’re travel oriented this holiday season and your family is not. If you’re leaving family behind, you know you’ll need a good way to keep in touch, but how do you keep in touch when you’re traveling internationally? Here are some ideas:

  • If you’ve got a laptop or mobile device and a good internet connection, Skype gives you the chance to video conference with family over the holidays, letting you see the awesome present your nephew or granddaughter adores and can’t wait to share with you.
  • See if cell phone can be unlocked for international coverage, allowing your loved ones to contact you when you’re out for the day.
  • Western Union is out of the picture, but you can still send your loved ones a telegram from many countries around the globe – how unique would a “Happy Holidays” telegram be!

Once you’re back home, remember that family members who weren’t able to get away but may have wanted to may not be as excited to hear about your experiences. You may need to back off and give them a chance to control the pace and amount of experiences you pass on to them.

Now that you’ve got some ideas in mind, it’s time to make those dreams a reality! Explore some travel websites, book a flight or cruise and make this holiday season a memorable one.

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5 Ways To Make Your Holiday Perfect
Traveling over the holidays? Here are five tips on how to make your holiday travel fabulous! From cameras to planning, we've got you covered.