With so many of us having access to cameras today, whether through a mobile phone, tablet, compact camera or digital SLR, it’s not surprising that we’re keen to take better photos. The internet is often the first port of call when it comes to finding out more about learning photography.

Luckily, there are many keen photographers out there eager to share their knowledge with you over their blogs. We’ve put together a list of ten brilliant photography blogs that will help you develop your photography skills so that you can take beautiful shots too. From beginner to amateur, even through to advanced, you’ll find a variety of posts on these blogs that will give you some great inspiration and tips.



Photography Blog is a great site for more than just photography how-tos. They also have camera and lens reviews, so if you’re looking to invest in something more professional have a look through their recommendations. They even review mobile phone cameras.



With essential posts to teach you about basic camera features and how to use them, this blog is perfect for anyone eager to learn the fundamentals of photography – particularly for those who want to learn more about SLR cameras.

Ingrid also posts videos that are easy to follow. This video explains how aperture size can be used to alter the appearance of your photo.



As well as having general photography tips, this blog has some fantastic insights for specific genres of photography. These are worth exploring if you’re keen to venture into taking different types of photographs, or if you want to go down a particular route.

For example, this post on documentary photography is helpful for those looking to take photos of social situations, people and environments. This would be a great post to read before coming on one of Images In The Sun’s photography tours.



Although not strictly a blog, ePhotozine post photography tips almost daily. You’ll find advice for getting a great shot in a multitude of situations – from bridges to food.

There are also very helpful posts for beginners, such as Basic Considerations Before Pressing the shutter. This post gives an excellent overview of the process of taking a good photo.



Peta Pixel offers inspiration and tips for both budding and experienced photographers. The site also has some more general posts about the latest photography-related news and products too.



Photography Blogger is ideal for anyone looking to brush up on their photography skills or keen to learn some new techniques. A variety of photographers contribute to the site, so you can read about all types of photography.



Lighting is really integral to taking an effective photo and this blog will certainly help you out with any lighting issues! Mark Stagi writes most of the articles on Digital Photo Buzz and has a whole section dedicated to lighting here. Editing tips are also available on this blog, great for anyone looking to take their photography to the next level.



Whilst digital photography has unsurprisingly boomed in popularity, film photography is still a really interesting medium to work with. As this post states, Philip Bloom often shoots in film as it’s an entirely different and challenging experience.

Not only will you more about older photography mediums on Picture Correct, they also have tips from world-renowned photographers.



DIY Photography shares kit information and some really cool techniques. If you no longer consider yourself a beginner, this blog could be an excellent resource. But if you’re new to photography, basics such as focal length are also explained. With advice for studio photography as well as outdoor, this blog covers a whole host of topics.



Although you might assume this blog is solely for beginners, it has numerous articles also perfect for amateurs wanting to develop their skills. The tutorials on this site are really superb, with step-by-step images and commentary. Plus, each tutorial lists everything you’ll need.


With so many different photography blogs offering tutorials to camera reviews, taking a great photo and learning photography has never been easier. Together these ten blogs cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced editing techniques, so no matter your level of experience you’re likely to learn something new from reading the right posts.

Image credit: Dan Foy