We’ve put together a roundup of some of the best photography and travel posts from the past month. Take a look at these excellent posts for inspiration and insights.

Over a Dozen Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel More

If this post doesn’t make you want to book a trip abroad, nothing will! The video it features, put together by Buzzstream, has some really insightful facts and certainly provokes thought. For instance, according to the video frequent travellers are often better problem solvers. As Matt of NomadicMatt.com states in this post, it shows that ‘travel makes you awesome’.

Watch the full video on Matt’s blog – we wouldn’t blame you if you went ahead and booked one of our Images in the Sun photo holidays!

The Best Point and Shoot Cameras Travellers Can Buy Right Now

Although DSLRs are preferable over compact cameras, it’s still very worthwhile having point and shoot. A simple compact camera can do a pretty good job when it comes to taking photos while you’re having a break from your DSLR, as this post shows. Anil uses a Panasonic Lumix compact as a frequent traveller and recommends it.

See more recommendations from Anil over on the blog post.

Leaked Set of Nikon D610 Specs Exactly the Same as the D600′s

With Nikon soon to release the D610, PetaPixel have been tracking the rumours around the new product. According to this post, NikonRumours.com have seen leaked product specifications that would suggest that the D610 will be identical to it’s will-be-predecessor, the D600.

We bet many Nikon fans were hoping for more.  Keep your eyes glued to Peta Pixel and Nikon Rumours for more updates!

Using Shot Lists Will Make You a Better Photographer

Ben Sasso gives an invaluable insight into how planning your shots can improve your photos. Ben details how visualising and sketching out some scenes before starting your shoot means that he is more organised and effective. We can imagine this being extremely helpful if you’re working for a client or are using a model.

For more detail and to see some of the resulting photos, take a look at the post.

Indian Street & Travel Photography by Saumalya Ghosh

Travel photography inspiration posts are some of our favourites. This post on Indian street photography is no exception. Saumalya Ghosh’s ambition to ‘capture the human element’ in different locations is something that will ring true with many social landscape photographers.

Saumalya’s photos shared in this post by 121Clicks are really striking and play with colour in a captivating way.

Portrait Series: Your Pet and You by Tobias Lang

In second post from 121Clicks, Tobias Lang’s black and white series of pets and their owners are showcased. This series caught our attention – we instantly found ourselves looking for similarities between pet and owner and thought that the characters captured are superb.

See images from Tobias’ brilliant series and learn some more about his current projects on the blog post.


Leave a comment with your thoughts on these posts, or if you’ve come across any other outstanding posts this month. We’re always eager to read more excellent photography and travel posts!

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